Red Sox 4, Pirates 0

Jason Kurth’s complete game shut-out helped the Red Sox earn a 4-0 win over the Pirates Tuesday evening. For the Pirates, Isaac Richards had a triple and a walk and also pitched a strong 4+ before being sidelined by an injury. Eli Gundersen reached base safely twice with two singles. Bethany Cardoza had a great night in the … Read more

A’s 4, Red Sox 3

A’s & Red Sox would play a early after school game so players could make school concerts. Nate Porterfield would get the start for the A’s with a one, two, three first inning on caught flies and have 3 strikeouts over 2 innings. Aiden Rogers took the mound for the Sox. Max Potter would double … Read more

Tigers 10, Rays 3

Rays were lead offensively by Wyatt Belisle (2-2, RBI) and Samson Zack (2-2) Tigers were lead offensively by Ashley Brasefield (2-3), Silas Stanek-Streed (3-3, 3RBI), Charlie Porterfield (2-2, 2B, BB, RBI), Micah Simmons (3-3, RBI) and Nathan London (2-2, 2-2B) RBI. Rays Pitching Kenny Cook 34 Mark 21 Ben Belisle 27 Sam Zack 26 Tigers … Read more

Cubs 8, Cardinal 2

The Cubs defeated the Cardinals 8-2 behind the strong pitching of Cam Napior and Andrew Marchand, who combined on a five hitter. Pete Gillis and Keaton Aliberti reached base four times and Dylan Burke and Marchand contributed with doubles; Marchand’s a banner busting shot to left center. The Cards’ offense was led by Jackie Pizzano, … Read more