A’s 4, Red Sox 3

A’s & Red Sox would play a early after school game so players could make school concerts. Nate Porterfield would get the start for the A’s with a one, two, three first inning on caught flies and have 3 strikeouts over 2 innings. Aiden Rogers took the mound for the Sox. Max Potter would double … Read more

Tigers 10, Rays 3

Rays were lead offensively by Wyatt Belisle (2-2, RBI) and Samson Zack (2-2) Tigers were lead offensively by Ashley Brasefield (2-3), Silas Stanek-Streed (3-3, 3RBI), Charlie Porterfield (2-2, 2B, BB, RBI), Micah Simmons (3-3, RBI) and Nathan London (2-2, 2-2B) RBI. Rays Pitching Kenny Cook 34 Mark 21 Ben Belisle 27 Sam Zack 26 Tigers … Read more

Cubs 8, Cardinal 2

The Cubs defeated the Cardinals 8-2 behind the strong pitching of Cam Napior and Andrew Marchand, who combined on a five hitter. Pete Gillis and Keaton Aliberti reached base four times and Dylan Burke and Marchand contributed with doubles; Marchand’s a banner busting shot to left center. The Cards’ offense was led by Jackie Pizzano, … Read more

Cubs 21, Pirates 15

There may be an investigation into over inflated baseballs as the Cubs and Pirates combined for 36 runs and 27 hits Monday night at Viera Park. When the dust settled the Cubs persevered 21-15. Keaton Aliberti led the way with five hits (three doubles) and seven RBIs. Andrew Marchand knocked in four runs on four … Read more